About Big Surf

 Steve Ringat (bass guitar), Chris
Goodnight (drums) and Phil Belknap (lead guitar).
Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, BIG SURF takes surf genre signatures -- the pounding drums, rapid fire guitar licks, those oceans of sweet, sweet reverb - and spikes the punch with progressive song structures and world music flare.

Redefining a sound pioneered by Dick Dale, The Ventures and The Belairs, BIG SURF'S music has been called "a unique and infectious brand of surf for the adventurous" (Phil Dirt of KFJC-FM Los Altos Hills, California and the Reverb Central Web site). But you can just call it "intense" (Don Nelson, of The Exotics, and The Nelsonics)!

Band Members

Phil Belknap, lead guitar, lap steel, and Farfisa organ

Phil is the principle songwriter of the group. A steady diet of comic books, Sci-Fi, and electric guitar has infused his lively music with a sense of adventure, intrigue, naiveté, playfulness, and drama. Phil was born in California and Surf music followed him to Minnesota in the 60’s. Pipeline, Walk Don’t Run, and Wipeout were among the first tunes he banged out on guitar.

In Minneapolis he has played with The Talkabouts, Beat Curio, Frayed Knot, and the Electric Arab Orchestra. He has traveled extensively, appearing as Flip Philip, a colorful ropewalking, acrobatic, juggling, lariat spinning street performer.

Steve Ringat, bass guitar

Steve hails from the north coast city of Duluth. His musical background is steeped in Metal, having played with False Oath and Inflict. A longtime admirer of Surf music he finds it unique, challenging, and groovin’.

Steve is also into archery, cycling, snowboarding and beer. Not necessarily in that order.

Chris Goodnight, drums

Chris has been playing drums for 25 years. He is a veteran of jazz, latin and rock and roll bands in Minneapolis and Denver. 

When he’s not beating the living daylights out of his drums he can be found living the rock and roll lifestyle being a house-husband/software consultant.